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IEEE Based Embedded Projects


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IEEE 2017-18 ECE Embedded Project List: Download

IEEE 2017-18 ECE Embedded Project List-2: Download

IEEE 2017-18 ECE Embedded Project List-3: Download

IEEE 2017-18 ECE IOT Project List: Download


Sl.No Project Name
1 A GPRS-Based Data Collection and Transmission for Flood
2 A Microcontroller-Based Multi-Function Solar Tracking System
3 Adding New Functions to the Remote Airfield
4 Control Circuit Analysis and Conversion Calculation of Electric
5 Customised Wireless Sensor Node to Detect Hazardous Gas Pipeline Leakage
6 Design and Development of Microcontroller Based Electronic queue control system
7 Design and Implementation of Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor based SecuritySystem
8 Design and implementation of remote home security system based on WSNS and GSM technology
9 Design of an Intelligent Combat Robot for war field
10 Design of Auto-guard System Based on RFID and GSM
11 Design of Intelligent Mobile Vehicle Checking System Based on ARM7
12 Design of Landslide Warning System
13 Design of Sensor Modules of Active & Intelligent Energy-saving System
14 Design of Vehicle positioning System Based on ARM
15 Electric power management using Zigbee wireless
16 Embedded Automobile Engine Locking System,Using GSM Technology
17 Embedded Controller for Vehicle In-Front
18 Enhancing mine safety with wireless sensor networks using ZIgbee technology
19 GPS and GSM based vehicle information system
20 GPS_Based_Voice_Alert_System_for_the_Blind
21 GSM Based Anti-theft Security System Using AT&T Command
22 GSM based RFID approach to automatic street lighting system
23 Implementation of CAN bus in an autonomous all terian vehicles
24 Implementation of GPS for Location Tracking
25 Implementation of self diagnostic and intelligent power management protocols on wireless gas sensor node
26 Intelligent Energy Conservation System Design Based on Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networ
27 Intelligent-Cars-using-RFID-Technology
28 Location Update Accuracy in Human Tracking system using Zigbee modules
29 Prototype of water lecvel detection system with wireless Technology
30 Public transport ticketing and monitoring system
31 Rescue and protection system for underground mine workers based on zigbee
32 Research on Monitoring System in Digital Home Based on ZigBee and ARM Processor
33 Secured wireless communication for industrial automation and control
34 Simulation of earthquakes and tsunami through GSM network
35 Vehicle navigation and obstacle detection system using RFID and GSM
36 Wireless-Monitoring-Of-the-Green-House-System-Using-Embedded-Controllers
37 Zigbee and GSM based secure vehicle parking management and reservation system
38 ZigBee Based Industrial Automation Profile for Power Monitoring Systems